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CHEMOTHERAPY AND HAIR LOSS: How Wigs Can Help You Gain Back Your Confidence!

Chemotherapy WigsThe hair plays a very vital role for women in the way women feel about themselves. For some women having long hair makes them feel younger, other women prefer to have short care because it’s easier to care for amidst conflicting demands.  Regardless of how long or short a woman’s hair may look, there is no doubt that women find pride in their hair. So, what happens then when life happens, things change, and women start to lose their hair?

There are many reasons why women may lose their hair, but should women lose their confidence because of hair loss? Absolutely not! One reason why women may lose their hair is because of side effects of chemotherapy.

Why Do You Lose Your Hair When You Undergo Chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy drugs are specially made to attack the fast growing cancer cells in the body but unfortunately, these drugs also attack other fast growing cells including the roots of your hair. When you undergo chemotherapy, you may lose the hair on your entire body, including your scalp. Some chemotherapy medications have more tendency of causing hair loss than others and different doses of the medication can cause a mere thinning out or a complete baldness.

When Will Your Hair Grow Back?

This might take several weeks after treatment and recovery. But note that your new growth might look and feel slightly different from your lost hair. There might be a difference in the texture, colour and strength of your new hair but the good news is that it is temporary. Your new hair might be grey or curlier than before until the cells controlled by the pigment in your hair begin to function again.

How Then Do You Cope With The Pain of Loosing Your Hair?

Your hair is your crowning glory, a symbol of your youth, represents feminism and in some cultures, represents fertility. The hair of a woman also expresses her beauty, personal style and confidence. Loosing your hair can take a toll on your self-esteem.  It can rob you of your sense of style and security. This can be devastating if not carefully and properly managed.

How Can You Spice Up Your Looks?

You can easily spice up your looks by choosing and wearing a Wig. It is interesting to know that wigs are excellent options for your hair, especially after chemotherapy or radiation treatment. You can choose one or more wigs, and alternatively wear or accessorise them with scarves and hats. Remember your hair loss is temporal. Your hair will grow back but might take a different texture, thickness and colour from what you had before undergoing the treatment. But the most important aspect of it is that there is regrowth. This is usually a short-term change. With time, your hair will take its original shape and form- that’s before the treatment.

Where Can I Find A Wig?

Wigs can easily be found and bought online and at your local shops. You can search your local area for your preferred wigs or buy from retailers online. Wigs come in different colours, shapes, forms, lengths, textures and types. They are specially designed and styled to make you elegant and fashionable. You can begin by choosing a type that matches and suits the hair you have lost and two or more different types for a change and to spice up your looks. Make sure the wig you are purchasing is adjustable so you don’t face challenges in wearing them.

There are different ways of replacing your hair. You can decide to go with a hair topper, a halo, a full wig or bang attachments. You can purchase bangs and attach them to your turbans, scarves or hats. A halo is specially designed to be worn with a hat or head cover. It has hair on its sides but opened on top to keep the head cooler. A top piece or hair topper adds volume and coverage to thinning hairs on the head. These hair replacement strategies give a better touch and look to your hair and total appearance.

Natural vs. Synthetic Wigs

Wigs are usually made with natural human hair, synthetic materials or a combination of both. Synthetic wigs do not have much difference in terms of quality. They look and feel similar but the main differences are in the maintenance and cost. It is always right to choose a type that suits your needs. Synthetic wigs are cheaper than human hair wigs and they hold their style despite the state of the weather. They also come in several colour options, sizes and lengths. Even though they do not fade overtime, they do not last long and are not so flexible when styling.

Wigs made with human hair are more expensive and last longer. They come in fewer colour options and can be trimmed, dyed, cut and styled just like your own hair. They can easily be maintained, restyled and re-dyed over time. Both natural human hair wigs and synthetic wigs are good for all hair types. The choice is yours! So feel free to purchase a wig of your preference and look as beautiful and elegant as always. You can also change your look more often with more wigs.

Choosing a Colour

Choosing a hair colour is personal. Be adventurous and daring! This is your moment to experiment on your looks without paying for expensive and long salon dye jobs. Try a wig or two in new colours and you will be pleased with the positive complements you will receive.

Fitting Your Wig

Choose adjustable wigs for your comfort. Get cushioned wig grip bands to secure the wig or a wig liner to make it very comfy to wear. Since chemotherapy often makes the scalp sensitive, wearing a wig liner can protect and keep your head cooler and comfortable.

Always take care of your wig to avoid damages. Use the right wig care products and wash it more often when you use styling creams and hair sprays. Take very good care of your wigs so it can last longer and always look neat, presentable and beautiful.  Wigs are perfect for all ladies and they make fashion easier and more appealing. Do not be left out! Get your wig today and enjoy the fun and experience. And always remember: Your hair is your pride and confidence is key!

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